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Out-Of-This World Mission Management …

We handle every step of your mission so you can focus on the big picture …

Our Strengths

How We Achieve Mission Success

People & Project Management

Earning Trust

Earning trust and respect from stakeholders and guiding key decision-making, while applying and adapting proven PM techniques for all kinds of organizations.

Proven Experience

Leading To Success

Leading teams and projects to success, fostering synergy between clients and the project team.  Manage interactions between the customer and the project team.


Create Alliances

Creating win-win agreements with agencies, contractors and suppliers, that move projects forward.

Team Building

Promote Teamwork

Promoting teamwork that accomplishes superior results.  Encourage and enable people to work together as a team to accomplish the project.


Keeping You Informed

Keeping stakeholders informed on tasks, plans, schedules, strategies, and more. 


Managing Expectations

Adapt and deal with situations and manage everyone’s expectations through ongoing change.  Ability to stay calm under pressure.

Decision Making

Sound Judgment

Knowledge of business purpose of the project and ability to make decisions within that context.

Provide Vision

Vision & Direction

Translating the client’s vision into a plan, overcoming setbacks, and shepherding projects to success.


Coaching & Mentoring

Tapping into team strengths and providing feedback to elicit the best from each team member.


Conflict Resolution

Overcoming resistance by reframing barriers as opportunities.

Decision Making

Identifying Options

Identifying all options and selecting the best course of action in a timely and informed manner.

We provide a variety of specialized services …

Phase-by-Phase Breakdown

How We Manage Your Mission

Pre-Phase A:

Laying The Groundwork

We perform preliminary and concept studies, bringing the project requirements into focus.

Phase A:


The concept starts taking shape, with a preliminary project plan, technology development, and system requirements review.

Phase B:

Creating The Mission Plan

Details get nailed down in terms of design and technology.  A baseline project plan is put in place, with a preliminary design review to ensure the goals are achievable.

Phase C:

Building Starts

Manufacturing of the spacecraft begins and definitions, design, and fabrications are finalized.  A performance baseline is established.

Phase D:

Prepare for Lift-Off

System assembly, integration, and testing is performed.  Then, it’s launch time!

Phase E:

Space Flight

We monitor on-orbit performance and operations, fulfilling the mission goals and preparing to bring the spacecraft home.

Phase F:

Final Closeout

The mission is almost complete!  We finalize and archive the data, conduct a disposal readiness review, and get ready to celebrate your mission’s success.

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