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Launching the Future: Our New Partnership with Vacuum Products Canada Inc.

February 2024 – For Immediate Release

As part of our continuing effort to expand our wide range of services, we are pleased to announce our new technology partnership with Vacuum Products Canada Inc.

Vacuum Products Canada Inc., ( are experts in medium, high, and ultra-high vacuum technology.  They deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to technology developments in space applications. From hardware procurement to consultative services, they continually strive to cater to the diverse needs of their clients throughout every stage of their projects.

Space environment simulation and testing is a crucial milestone to the success of technologies deployed in space.  In the emerging NewSpace sector, pre-launch testing is even more  essential for several reasons; some being risk mitigation, performance verification, and timely deployment on-orbit.

Through our strategic partnership with Vacuum Products Canada Inc., we are excited to offer a combination of leading edge hardware and software test capabilities, that empower our customers in reaching their goals.

“This collaboration marks the dawn of a complementary horizon in our pursuit of providing unmatched solutions for space environment simulation and testing.  Our unique expertise in leak detection is a major asset in this field, ensuring constant vigilance and a proactive  response to leak-related challenges.  With shared values and innovative spirits, together we’re charting new territories in the realm of space tech.  I invite you to join us on this exciting journey!” 

~ Jean-Francois Poncelet, CEO, Vacuum Products Canada Inc.

Akasa Technology Group Inc. (, is at the forefront of the NewSpace movement, specializing in the microsatellite and nanosatellite market.  We offer consulting and management of projects that employ technologies used in space, drawing on years of experience and expertise to deliver big results for a range of budgets.

“At Akasa Technology Group, we build a solid support framework, pushing the envelope of possibilities.  Our goal is to strengthen and expand support for our customers, while surpassing their measure for success.  Akasa’s alliance with Vacuum Products Canada, will create a unique set of product offerings to customers in the NewSpace sector.  Both of our organizations are at the forefront of NewSpace technology, developing and deploying services unique to the industry.  We look forward to our new partnership, servicing these vertical markets!” 

~ Pawel Lukaszynski, CEO, Akasa Technology Group Inc.

At Akasa, we help organizations take flight with satellite technology!

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Akasa Helps Orgs Shoot for the Stars with Satellite Tech

February 2023 – For Immediate Release

Helmed by NewSpace veteran Pawel Lukaszynski, the space tech company brings satellite technology to the mainstream with expert consulting and mission management.

No longer just the territory of NASA, governments, and other major players, satellite tech is a star on the rise, with organizations of every size and stripe starting to explore its possibilities.

But to some, the potential of satellite technology for everyday applications is old news. Akasa Technology’s, Pawel Lukaszynski, is one of those people. He has been working on spacecraft and managing missions since 2011 and knows firsthand just how powerful and versatile these technologies are.

Lukaszynski’s latest endeavor is Akasa Technologies, a NewSpace tech company that brings microsatellite and nanosatellite technology “down to earth” so that everyone from large corporations to small businesses can start harnessing its power for themselves.

What’s different about Akasa is the emphasis on making this tech more widely available than it ever has been before, to companies and organizations who are starting from zero and need an experienced team who can lead them from A to Z, with expert project management and support at every point along the way. This is where the unique value of a company like Akasa is most evident, since microsatellite and nanosatellite missions have multi-phase project life cycles, from concept studies at the pre-formulation phase to launch and on-orbit operations. An experienced mission manager is what makes it all possible.

Akasa is poised to open up new vistas for organizations that they may have never considered for themselves. Or if they have, they never thought them to be within reach. The constellation of possibilities include applications in research and development, defense, government, data collection, or any other project that requires a product or technology to be deployed in space.

Much is on the horizon both for Akasa and the organizations it serves. As the saying goes, shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars. Lukaszynski and his team are set to do both.

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Akasa Launches New Website

December 2022 – For Immediate Release

Akasa is pleased to announce the launch of their new website; will be the official source for all information and events at Akasa Technology Group.

… from Initial Design & Integration to Launch and On-Orbit Operations.

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