Reach new heights with satellite tech …

Harnessing NewSpace Technology To Move Us All Forward

We help organizations reach new heights with the power of microsatellites and nanosatellites. Our services include consulting and end-to-end project management, for missions that employ technologies used in space.

Whatever your mission, we can take it from concept, planning, to launch, and on-orbit operations.

What We Offer

Out-of-this-world mission management …

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Achieve Mission Success

An overview of our strengths …

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Manage Your Mission

A phase-by-phase breakdown …

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We have the experience to take you from Initial Design and Integration, to Launch and On-Orbit Operations

We Get Your Missions Off The Ground, So Your Organization Can Take Flight

We bring the benefits of microsatellite and nanosatellite technology within reach for organizations of any size. These powerful technologies can help you reach your goals, from research and development to data collection and more. The potential applications are like the cosmos — virtually limitless.

Blue sky thinking & boots on the ground knowledge …

We’re big-picture thinkers who know how to get things done. We specialize in breaking down a mission into distinct phases, with clear protocols, processes, and milestones at each phase. With over 10 years in the space industry and countless successful spacecraft missions, we can help you craft a vision and make it reality.


End-to end project management

From initial planning to final closeout, we handle the details of your mission, so you can keep your eyes on the big picture.


Updates every step of the way

Detailed updates at every project milestone keep you (and your stakeholders) informed and excited for the project outcome.


Big results for a range of budgets

Organizations both big and small can reap huge benefits from satellite technology. We help you explore your options and plan a mission that meets your goals — and your budget.

A team that’s ready for anything …

A lot can happen on a mission and we’re ready for all of it. Adapt, adjust, realign, pivot … whatever you want to call it, we’re able to stay calm and make the right moves under pressure to ensure the mission is a success.

Expertise that accelerates your mission and gets results … we’re with you every step of the way!

What We Offer …

Out-of-This-World Mission Management


Time-won expertise and influence

Need buy-in from your stakeholders? We know how to plan and position your mission so that everyone wants on board.


Clear as day communications

Getting to space requires teamwork, so communication is essential. You and your stakeholders are in the loop from day one, so you can track your progress and build anticipation for the results.


A track record of success

Launching your mission is a major leap for your organization. Our years of industry experience ensure that all goes well, on land and in the sky.


Top-flight project management tools

We’re trained in PM processes and methodologies and know how to adapt them to your specific organization for a smooth and seamless collaboration.

We offer a comprehensive list of services …

Explore NewSpace

Explore The Frontiers of NewSpace

Stay up to date on what’s happening on the ground and in the sky with AKASANEWS. Explore what’s new and what’s next with our missions, our latest collaborations with up-and-coming and established organizations, as well as the latest news about satellite tech and how NewSpace is transforming the world.

While we handle the logistics and execution, we keep you informed and updated at every phase, providing a summary at each milestone so you can track your progress, keep stakeholders in the loop, and build anticipation for the project outcome.  Call us at 437-912-9116, or email to start your next mission.


Your Ticket to the Limitless Potential of Space