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Helping organizations take flight with satellite technology …

The Mission

Harnessing NewSpace technology, to move us all forward …

From Galileo to the Space Race, humanity has always been captivated by the possibilities of what lies up in the stratosphere and beyond.

In the past century, spacecraft technology has emerged that allows us to explore space, but until recently, it was out of reach for many organizations because of the large tech “footprint” it required and the associated costs.

Now a new frontier in space technology, known as NewSpace, is bringing microsatellite and nanosatellite technology to the mainstream in a way that’s quick, adaptable, and opens up endless opportunities for organizations and industries to harness their power.

Ushering in a New Era of Satellite Capabilities

Akasa Technology Group is at the forefront of this NewSpace movement, specializing in the microsatellite and nanosatellite market. We offer consulting and management of projects that employ technologies used in space, drawing on years of experience and expertise to deliver big results for a range of budgets.

From Initial Design & Integration to Launch and On-Orbit Operations

Akasa provides end-to-end service for a range of industries, including research and development, defense, government, data collection, or any public or private organization that requires a product or technology to be deployed in space.

We manage your projects from start to finish, encompassing design, assembly, integration, testing, launch and operations of spacecraft. Our project life cycle is broken down into distinct phases, according to key decision points, from concept studies at the pre-formulation phase right through to implementation and final closeout.

The result? You get the most value and impact from your investment without the stress or complicated logistics of handling it yourself.

Expertise That Accelerates Your Mission and Gets Results

While we handle the logistics and execution, we keep you informed and updated at every phase, providing a summary at each milestone so you can track your progress, keep stakeholders in the loop, and build anticipation for the project outcome.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide clarity, accuracy, and precision at every stage of the project, so you can be confident about getting the results you want in a way that’s simple, effective, and accessible.

The Vision

Collaboration Provides Lift Off

The guiding vision behind Akasa is that we do everything better together. Advancing the frontiers of human endeavor has always been a collective effort, whether it’s putting the first astronaut on the moon or building an information superhighway that connects the entire world.

At Akasa, we aspire together in order to achieve more together. Developing newer, better, faster, and more powerful technology empowers humanity to reach new heights and continually expands the boundaries of what is possible.

Akasa’s Founder

Pawel Lukaszynski

Lukaszynski has always been a self-starter, he took to the skies from an early age. When he was a teenager, he pursued his private pilot’s license and took his first solo aircraft excursion in a Cessna 150. A few years later, he entered an international aerial robotics competition with a schoolmate and their participation attracted worldwide recognition, including a feature article in the Smithsonian Magazine. These early experiences are where he started to specialize in bringing the “impossible” into being.

Lukaszynski went on to work with industry leaders in manufacturing, automation, control systems, and engineering. To bolster his extensive “boots on the ground” practical knowledge, he went to college for mechanical engineering technology and then went on to earn a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Applied Science program at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.

As a certified engineering technologist and licensed engineer, Lukaszynski has dedicated his career to revolutionizing control systems, tackling capital projects, and developing the theory and practical skills necessary to be at the leading edge of the NewSpace industry that is unfolding today. Since 2011, he has worked on 20+ spacecraft, one of the highlights being managing Gray Jay, a microsatellite project to support Arctic surveillance technology. Over the course of these missions, Lukaszynski developed a broad spectrum of expertise that encompasses the entire process of getting a satellite into space, from initial concept to launch and on-orbit operations. This includes knowledge of numerous satellite subsystems, such as guidance navigation and control, to satellite bus level with wiring harness at the system level, and finally to completed spacecraft testing and ship out to launch.

With the launch of Akasa, Lukaszynski and his team look forward to bringing their expertise and experience to delivering innovative space technologies to your next project. We’re with you the entire way, from the very first project brief, through to the design, build, and launch stages, keeping you informed at every step of the journey. If you’d like to explore how partnering with us can put you on the leading edge of NewSpace, contact us to start your mission.


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“I have rarely seen such a high level of technical competence combined with exceptional productivity. Pawel is a true professional and well liked and respected.”


“Pawel’s excellent performance helped us meet important deadlines, with no risk in safety.”


“Pawel did an incredible job. His communication was clear, he was on time, his documents were always up to date, etc. I wish I had someone like him on all my projects — my life would be so much easier!”


Helping organizations take flight with satellite technology